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I know I just posted about this label, but I haven’t connected with a collection like this since the ridiculously perfect mydearthing F/W 10 collection. And if the BUTTERFLYSOULFIRE A/W 13/14 collection is anything like that beloved mydearthing collection, I would slowly collect one of every style if given the chance, and would keep each piece in heavily layered rotation year-round for many many years. In fact, the two collections would look perfect together, like the BUTTERFLYSOULFIRE Sarafina Dress (the lovely long draped blue/grey piece above) over the mydearthing Over Tie Trousers, or the mydearthing Irregular Hem Dress under either of the BUTTERFLYSOULFIRE Knit Wrap Vests (below), or any BUTTERFLYSOULFIRE dress over the mydearthing Wool Circle Seam Pants, or absolutely any combination of the two collections/labels at all…Speaking of the wrap vests, these two convertible looks may be my favorites of the collection, particularly the second one, a cape/vest hybrid which needs double the photos to fully appreciate the style and textured knit.

_MG_9331 copy_MG_9339 copy_MG_9332 copy_MG_9301 copy_MG_9302 copy_MG_9307 copy_MG_9303 copy_MG_9306 copy_MG_9304 copy

Why do sleeveless coats in some form keep popping up on my radar? Though a more immediate need at the moment would be some black skinny pants since my Uniqlo (a.k.a. label I’ll never buy again) black jeans have succumbed to the usual death-by-hole-in-crotch disease all my jeans inevitably catch, so I’d happily get the Tight Balloon Pants first. Of course, the order in which I’d buy up this collection is completely irrelevant outside of Dreamland. Sigh.