How could I be so immature?*

I wasn’t going to post about Gareth Pugh’s S/S 14 collection because, quite honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan. Might’ve been the Muppet accessories or the much-too thin models wearing my favorite looks, or simply too much white to wrap my noir mind around. However, after seeing absolutely nothing of McQueen in Sarah Burton’s latest collection (only Wunderkind mixed with Chanel, maybe), I’ve been craving anything that even whispers ‘McQueen’. And a couple looks in Mr. Pugh’s collection do just that.

Exhibit A


Exhibits B, C, D, and E


Of course, pace Gareth (and Élodie), I know the point wasn’t to recall McQueen, and everything else about the collection doesn’t just whisper but screams ‘GARETH PUGH!’. But, you have to understand: my own McQueen is currently defrosting from a couple months in the freezer, and I have to wait until Christmas to (hopefully) get the only posthumously-published book that Lee McQueen himself was involved in. So, just let me see what I want to see, and let me feel my feelings, okay?

(Björk in McQueen on her Homogenic cover via Google Images; Gareth Pugh S/S 14 photos via

*To think he could replace/The missing elements in me/How extremely lazy of me.