Yiqing Yin, S/S 14


Yiqing Yin’s S/S 14 collection is much more wearable than I was expecting, bringing it back to the basics/couture mix of her S/S 13 collection rather than her focus on the latter in her A/W 13/14 collection. Though really, I was actually surprised to see an S/S 14 collection for some reason. Probably because Yiqing’s A/W 13/14 pieces were so intense and detailed, that I wouldn’t expect more than one collection a year from the designer. At any rate, I’m happy with whatever Yiqing lets us see. She even has me thinking about onesies again. Though, of course, ‘onesie’ just doesn’t cut it as a label for anything Yiqing would create. What would you call it? Besides ‘mine’…


(Photos by Marthe Sobczak, via here)