YOHJ (jun viv): S/S 14

For those of you new to kOs, my most favorite runway events (besides the Central Saint Martins’ grad show) are the Friday and Saturday of Paris Fashion Week where Yohji Yamamoto, Junya Watanbe, and Vivienne Westwood show in succession. When I first noticed they were scheduled so close together three years ago, I wrote up one giant post for the three of them together. However, as my love for Yohji grew in leaps and bounds from that point forward, it’s become too difficult to wait an entire day to post photos of his show. And typically Mr. Yamamoto both snags my vote for favorite runway collection of the season before seeing his counterparts’ contributions, and retains that vote when all ballots are in by Saturday evening. And so, to the detriment of the really really good work I was getting done on my thesis, here is the first of my favorite bi-annual trifecta.* Warning: many many many images ahead:


Without needing to really say it, yes, this gets my vote for best collection of the season. What you may not gather from the photos posted here is that roughly half of the collection is in neon colours. Which I think is super fun and all, just not for me. Well, I did wear neon in the 90s, but I like to re-live the 90s in plaid and cord. That said, one of my favorite looks is that last sheer gauzy plum dress with the neon blue sleeve/gloves (though I’d pair it with the sensible black shoes). I need to figure out how those sleeve/gloves stay up. I love them. Yohji, thank you for visiting us mere mortals once again.

Edit: Here’s how those sleeves/gloves stay up: elastic. As Britta would say, duh-doy. Thanks The Cutting Class.

(Photos via Style.com)

*Please note that due to the formatting differences between WordPress and blogger, and I can’t clearly mark in the post title with uppercase letters who of the three I am showcasing in the post. So, I’m both (pointlessly) capitalizing the designer in question and putting those not being discussed in parentheses. Of course, I could just put the one designer’s name as the title, but the ROY G BIV pun intended in the original YOHJ JUN VIV post, and now the tradition of it all, means it’s staying this way for the foreseeable future. There is method to my madness, I swear!