MUUSE x Vogue Talents: Finalists


This morning the ten MUUSE x Vogue Talents finalists were announced, and I was quite pleased to see one of my picks (and one of my favorite picks, at that), Sofija Urumović, in the mix, as well as a familiar name, Hungarian designer Dora Abodi. Congrats Sofija and Dora! Though my heart was already won over by Sofija, since we the public are once again responsible for choosing who moves forward in the competition (this time, the sole winner), I wanted to introduce to you to one more designer to consider giving your vote to.*

So: Danish designer Mathilde Maalouf. Mathilde is a recent grad of the Kolding School of Design, and she was inspired by Danish architect Finn Juhl for her grad collection, specifically the aesthetics of Juhl’s own house. I remember quickly looking through Mathilde’s entry when I was making my original picks, but I’m not sure why I passed it by. It might’ve been the awkward looking puckers in the underarms of the grey coat, which probably made me make the split (and rather uninformed) decision that her skills weren’t quite there. However, if you look at the video of Mathilde’s grad collection presentation, the unique cut of the piece is worth taking a second look at. The puckers are still there when the piece is moving, but I believe the birch-coloured inserts at the sides that are causing the wool to bunch up is actually wood, a nod to Juhl’s furniture designs. Sure, an argument could still be made that the puckers are a design flaw, wood or not, but I’m going to defer to Mathilde’s judgment, particularly as I think having the sleeves part of the same piece as the body of the coat is pretty cool. And aside from the other pieces which I’m sure I don’t need to convince you I like (though, obviously, I’d prefer the inset material of the dress to be non-leather), Mathilde scored some points with this answer in a previous interview with MUUSE:

Finish the sentence, “Something people don’t know about me is…”
…that every summer I use around 3000 Danish kroner on buying fresh peas and I am not too happy about sharing them.

You and me both, Mathilde. Well, I’m not sure what the exchange rate between Canadian dollars and Danish kroners are, and the fresh peas ’round these parts the last couple of summers have been wanting, but there’s always room in my freezer for the $4 tiny bag of organic peas. And though you may think it’s odd to like a designer based on their produce preference, it’s just another possible facet of knowing where your clothing comes from, something obviously important to me. Anyway, voting for the finalists takes place on the Vogue Italia site rather than the MUUSE site, and we have until October 5th to place our votes. Click here to do so. Now, what should I make with my bag of peas today?


*Well, I suppose two designers, as I mentioned Dora’s name, but due to an excess of leather, I will not be posting her McQueen-esque collection here. Go to Dora’s NJAL page to click through her whole collection, if you’re interested.