Magda Abdel Hafith

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Thankfully, I already bought a new winter coat last year (and I’m working the upcoming municipal election to be able to replace my winter boots). However, inspired by Queen Michelle’s search for a new winter coat, if I could pick a new coat out this year, I think I’d try to chase down this paneled piece from Italy-based designer Magda Abdel Hafith (found via NJAL). According to the sketches of the (fantastic!) collection (below), it looks like it’s layered over another piece, a more fitted zipped jacket, so I’m not sure that the coat itself actually closes. Once again, the need for a sleeveless coat arises! Anyway, Magda has quite an interesting vibe going on, mixing nicely tailored pieces with dreads/tattoos/piercings and a slightly Amish aesthetic, as further seen in her graduate collection and, again, the sketches of her current collection below.


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I’m even a fan of her editorial shots of the coat, though I’d normally be annoyed at the inability to actually see the piece being photographed. The reason? The shot below reminds me of Numb3rs. Come back to me, Dr. Fleischman!


(Photos via NJAL except the last small photo, by Beatrice Errico, via here)