Miguel Alex, A/W 13/14




I should’ve already known about this label and this collection, as it was an entry in the MUUSE x Vogue Talents competition. My excuse is that I looked through the hundreds of entries very very quickly, and I wasn’t in the mood back then for autumn things (actually, the latter is probably not true at all). Anyway, thanks to NJAL, I’m now paying attention to Milan-based designer Miguel Garcia Abad’s work, under the label name Miguel Alex. This is his A/W 13/14 collection entitled ‘Conquer’, and it’s so full of textures I can feel it just by looking at it. After saying I wouldn’t trade a single record to even try on a D&G S/S 14 piece, I would consider giving up my entire wardrobe if I could swap it for this collection. It’s the perfect balance of comfy/chic, autumn/seasonless, and library/living room. The styling choices would be endless, and I could very likely conquer anything in these looks, particularly a long and satisfying nap in those sweater pants. Sigh. Now, I suddenly have the urge to go buy a pumpkin pie. Happy first day of autumn!

(Photos via NJAL and Miguel’s Facebook)