NOM*d, S/S 14


As I’m patiently awaiting a (belated birthday) package from Down Under, let’s look at a label from a neighbouring country (with almost an identical flag – who knew?), New Zealand’s NOM*d. I was sure that I had posted a few NOM*d collections before, but my search function brings up only one. My sincerest apologies for that, as I’ve at least scanned through each season’s lookbook on my own. The S/S 14 ‘FANS’ collection, however, is probably my favorite yet, so if you’re just being introduced to Margarita Robertson’s label, this is a good place to start. Influenced by Malcolm McLaren’s Fans and Puccini’s Madame Butterfly, this collection continues on the punk and military aesthetics seen in previous NOM*d looks. Though I’d use the label ‘punk’ rather loosely, given the title of one dress, ‘Join Division‘ (above, bottom right corner), and the hints of grunge (which I might just be making up in my current reliving of the 90s, seeing as there’s very little plaid and no corduroy). Whatever genres you see in these pieces, they’re lovely nonetheless. Very Gary Graham, with a more subdued romantic factor and amped up military influence. I.e. exactly my kind of look. As the collection blurb says, “If [you are] not already a fan of NOM*d then a session with FANS will ensure [you] soon will be.” All pieces (except that lovely purple blazer and purple pants, for whatever reason), available in the NOM*d online shop. I have my eye on that sleeveless trench, also seen below. This seems to be another item that keeps popping up on my radar, though this one in all its S/S-ness would be much more versatile.


(Photos via NJAL and here)