Anatomy of a dream outfit


We’ve seen all of these InAisce A/W 13 pieces before, namely on Ger Duany. And, granted, seeing them on Ger is much more interesting. However, we haven’t seen them all styled together like this or separately close up, and I’ve never been one to complain about seeing too much InAisce. So, thanks to Layers‘ great styling and photography, let’s take another look.


First, the pants. When layering a dress/long top over pants, there’s no need to worry about how your backside looks. So, if you’re otherwise wary of the harem-type pants and their inevitable droopy diaper effect, reconsider getting a pair for layering purposes. They’re one of the comfiest types of a pants (second only to sweatpants), so after hiding the top half of them for a while, you’ll probably enjoy the comfort level so much that you’ll stop caring about the length of your shirt. Particularly if you choose a pair of InAisce harem pants.


Second, the top. Technically, this is considered a sleeveless coat, but it’s made of unlined lightweight wool suiting, making it a top in my books. But really, who cares what you call it. It’s perfect. The expected InAisce use of a hook-and-eye to keep that front panel detail together means you could wear it open to amp up the drapiness already inherent in the suiting fabric. That drape coupled with the curved hem also creates a fantastic tuxedo tail effect for your admirers watching you walk away. Just make sure it’s buttoned up so you don’t give an unexpected show, as this piece has a hidden (metal) button placket all the way up the back. This piece, quite obviously, is now in My Top 3 Want List.


Third, the jacket. Given the stiffness of felted wool, relatively slim fit, and seam detailing designed for a man, this piece would be harder for a woman to wear, at least if said woman has curves. It even looks as though it was too small on Ger in the lookbook photos, as he wears only the leather version closed, and the wool version seen here open. It just photographs so well that I had to include it. In truth though, I’d probably opt for the InAisce cardigan which Ger wore so well in the lookbook shoot. As such, my revised dream outfit would look as follows. Please note that I would rock this look.