I was planning on posting the new Thomas Tait collection, but I only have a few minutes before class and need to process it a bit first anyway. So here’s something that doesn’t need any processing: the new Ovate collection, called ‘Resurgam’ (Latin for ‘I will rise again’). Audrey does have a couple leather pieces and a couple pieces made of Icelandic sheepskin, a material choice that is particularly unsettling just before I head off to learn Old Icelandic. The majority of the pieces, however, are animal friendly, being without the copious leather detailing Audrey included in the previous collection or two. I’m particularly drawn to the mens’ pieces and the unisex boiled wool vest, an item that keeps popping up on my radar as a necessary layering item to get. If you’re planning on purchasing the vest or fantastic wool coat (or cloak version), however, I would suggest you don’t wear it while traveling or going anywhere with a metal detector, as the fastener appears to be a curved blade. Actually, you also probably shouldn’t wear it if you’re clumsy like me. If you do want something that closes/is closed and won’t hurt anyone, there is now a pullover version of the Valhalla hoodie, a.k.a. the greatest hoodie ever. All pieces now available here.