Todd Lynn, S/S 14


I was really looking forward to Todd Lynn’s show because a) that means we’re finally into London Fashion Week (you know I love you NY, but NYFW just doesn’t do it for me), and because Mr. Lynn is a fellow Canadian. After seeing photos from the show, I have to admit that I’m not totally crazy about this collection, as I’m missing the structured tailored looks he’s so good at. I’m going to blame it on the Spring/Summer season, which inevitably produces clothing I’m not that interested in. Having said that, I’m happy that he finally seems to be cutting back on the use of leather in his collections, and it’s interesting to see the unfinished look we saw in the Parsons grad show from an established designer. Much more toned down of course, and you pretty much have to zoom into the photos to notice (go to UK Vogue to do so), but it’s there. My favorite look of the collection? Mr. Lynn himself, with his Davey Havok STS-era vibe. Oh how I wish more men had long hair…


(Photos via UK Vogue)