Parsons at NYFW

Well, it figures that the only show to catch my eye from NYFW is that of the fashion grads from Parsons. If you have the time, I suggest you go click through the 129 photos up on But in the meantime, here are my favorites:


1) The first collection down the runway and my first favorite was that of Melitta Baumeister. I’d, of course, prefer if these pieces were in black, but that’s usually my complaint when it comes to the Spring/Summer shows.’s review says that Melitta used silicon in her collection, but these jackets appear to me to be that scuba neoprene stuff (possibly the dress too). After snagging a Denis Gagnon neoprene vest, I’m quite interested in how people use this fabric, and Melitta’s scuba trench is spot on.



2) The second collection down the runway which trumped Melitta’s as my overall favorite (it’s always tough to be the first one out of the starting blocks!) was from Abigail Lewis. Abigail had a couple different things going in her collection, one being minimalistic basics with interesting details (such as the wool felt sleeveless coat with sliced lapels), and the other being beaded pieces made of medical glass tubing. I actually remember seeing Abigail’s beading work from a Kickstarter she had to fund her grad collection, and am happy to see she was able to realize her vision (though perhaps to a more scaled down extent, as I believe there were a lot more beaded pieces in her sketches). Would love to see more from Abigail, both in fabric and in glass.


3) My third favorite collection is from Jae Woo Lee. I often see unfinished samples from Alexander McQueen listed on eBay, and would likely have bought one by now if ‘sample’ didn’t mean half my size. Since we often see purposely deconstructed clothing on the runway, I’m almost surprised that we don’t see purposely not-fully-constructed clothing as well. Makes sense to me. And it’s like getting a backstage look at clothes – you really see what goes into making a flat piece of cloth into a fitted thing with a life of its own. Another plus: if tear your dress on some chainlink fence or something, you can just pass it off as the design.


4) The rest of my favorites are a variety of looks from different Parsons grads. The cocoon-like piece with the yarn detailing is from Claudia Li (and should be on Björk), the McQueen-like white piece with the red embroidery is from Sijing Chen, and the other cozy sweater, I believe, is from Alison Tsai. I’m particularly drawn to the last look because it sums up our evening yesterday, a living room concert from David Bazan in a log cabin with a ridiculous view of the city: cozy, familiar, and somewhere I could’ve stayed for a very long time…

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