Backpack Jackets




Last year I was super excited to start school again for many reasons, one being the chance to use a backpack again. This year though, with only two more courses to complete and needing to be on campus only two days a week, I likely won’t need a backpack most of the time. However, there’s something about walking around with your hands holding onto straps, and, until those straps are attached to dogs, I need something else to hold onto. (Does that sound extremely weird to anyone else?…) Anyway, with the mornings around here being rather chilly but the days still being rather hot, I’m thinking Miranda Kaloudis and her label M.D.K. has it right by putting jackets on the straps my hands are searching for. I’m sure I’ve seen this idea before, but Miranda’s design really perfects it with the adjustable straps, grommet-reinforced entry points in the neckline, and finished seams and prints on the insides of the jackets. And really, this should come as no surprise, given Miranda’s previous success at creating a highly functional and convertible collection. Super excited that Miranda’s back on my radar.

And now to prepare for a living room concert from the incredible David Bazan (previously known as Pedro the Lion). Last time I saw this guy play live was on our marriage day…

(Photos via NJAL)