She scratches a letter


Ursa Minor Victorine blouse

treehouse28 ballet top in green

Loft 415 plaid skirt

not pictured: flip flops (…I’m refusing to wear shoes just yet, even though it ruined the grunge vibe a bit)

I was going to post this yesterday, but when I realized the skirt in this outfit was sold out AND Elizabeth of Ursa Minor is taking a break as a new mom (congrats Elizabeth!), I decided it was best to keep the disappointment to a minimum. However, Hope of Loft 415 just posted that she got some more of the plaid fabric in, so at least half of this outfit is still available (though I’d hurry with the skirt if you want it!). For those of you new to kOs, this is as close as I get to a personal style/outfit post: I post photos of pieces I own to show what I wore/want to wear, but the photos aren’t my own and thus there is not a single glimpse of me in them. And so. Yesterday’s outfit was the perfect fall/grad school outfit, and I very much enjoyed learning all about the different language families and browsing the stacks in the PA section of the library whilst wearing it. My guilty pleasure, Starbucks’ Pumpkin Spice Latte, tasted even better than usual in this outfit. I’ve talked about the Ursa Minor top before and wore it (well, the grey version) all over Belgium/Netherlands, but this is the first time I paired it with the Loft 415 skirt for a wonderfully grungy feel. So happy about Hope’s new venture – Hope’s previous label, Label of Hope, is the reason both why I first got into handmade clothing AND how I found Etsy, but a couple years into blogging, my style shifted away from hers. Now with Loft 415 though, a line of affordable basics made (by Hope, of course) from fabrics made in the US, Hope and I have been reunited, starting with this great skirt. It’ll be getting a lot of wear this school year, even past flip-flop season. Welcome, Fall!