This is what it feels like

I’m not sure how many of you out there are familiar with Jamie Woon, but I can probably safely say that there are fewer of you than ought to. I am a bit pretentious when it comes to music, so my man laughed at me the first time he heard me blasting Jamie’s one full-length, Mirrorwriting. Then, he realized it’s not the ‘boy band’ stuff he initially dismissed it as, changing his opinion to ‘boy band singing with actually good synth music’. Still not a ringing endorsement perhaps, but since my man is a lot more pretentious than I am when it comes to music, it might as well be. If you have a strong penchant for music with traditional musical instruments but are foremost won over by a singer’s voice and you are willing to dabble in some electronic sounds, Jamie Woon is the place to start. Particularly if you can see him live, as you may then experience acoustic versions of his songs, showcasing his talent as a guitarist and overall crowd confuser (e.g. when I saw Jamie play = most confounded group of Brooklyn hipsters ever). Anyway, Jamie just posted this track from BANKS that he co-produced with Lil Silva. If you’ve ever had the pleasure of listening to Jamie’s work, you’ll hear him all over this song and welcome the fix in lieu of new work from Jamie himself. Enjoy. And Jamie, thanks for introducing me to BANKS (and please make more music!).