Woolen Tea Party


Three years and some change ago, a very patient designer named Tiina (of then Attila Design, now Lumme Designs) allowed me to bounce some ideas off of her and, a dozen or so Etsy convos later, the result was a most fantastic coat/dress creation (called the Tea Party) made of sweatshirt material with cargo pockets, detachable sleeves, and military detailing. I’ve sadly only worn it a couple times since I wrecked the zipper on it and have a fear of being trapped in coats (I once was trapped in a winter coat for a very lengthy 15 minutes on a warm fall day…). But now I’m determined to put fixing it back on the priority list now that Tiina has created a winterized version of my custom design (i.e. with felted wool and faux fur lining). I can’t afford a second version, but I can afford some thread!*

P.S. You can still order the original version here.

*For whatever reason, I said that sentence in my head like Samwise would’ve.