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My accomplishments of the day include pretty much blowing an interview and submitting what might be my first publication. You win some, you lose some (or, in this case, you lose some, you win some). How I feel about this can be summed up visually by ELENAREVA‘s F/W 13 collection, a collaboration between Ukrainian designer Elena Reva and artist Vlada Ralko (found via NJAL). The collection is called ‘Manga’, thus inspired by one of the very few genres my Western-trained eye hasn’t taken a liking to. But, if manga paved the way for this magnificent collection, by all means I’m on board. And if not getting a job means I have more time to devote to my academic work, fantastic. Though, if I had been wearing one of these ELENAREVA looks (particularly the one below, given the muggy weather), that interview might have gone a bit smoother…


(Photos via NJAL)