Waves roll in my thoughts


With the beginning of a new school year comes a crop of new fresh-faced students straight out of high school and their parents’ basements. Thankfully, I don’t have to take any undergrad-level courses this year, so my eye-rolling will be kept to a minimum. Nonetheless, having just completed my 3rd decade of life and feeling pretty nostalgic for times that existed before these new students were even born, I’d like to translate my eye-rolling into wearing cultural references that they wouldn’t even catch. Swedish designer Jenny Grettve‘s A/W 13 collection (above; found via NJAL) would be a great place to start without being too over the top and ironic. Though, knowing the uncontrollable temperature of my ‘office’ (a.k.a. broom closet) and the fact that I will be spending more time working from home than from there, Jenny’s A/W 12 collection (below) would be a much more practical collection to wear. It features a totally excellent dress too.

img_4936 img_5044_0 jerseydress_1 longjersey longdress img_4463

(Photos via NJAL)