Once upon a time, I could love you


Perhaps my earliest fashion memory was thinking that Penelope Anne Miller’s/Joyce’s/Rachel Crisp’s clavicles and her oversized pink sweater in Kindergarten Cop, particularly when it falls off her shoulder (when she’s running around panicking when her son goes to contact aliens or something), was the most perfect look I’d ever seen. I’m pretty sure even at that age I was not a fan of the colour pink, but that shade was as good as pink could get. Imagine my delight, then, when yesterday, already a throwback to the 90s with the most excellent birthday present of a collector’s edition box set of Pearl Jam’s Ten, I found both a new-to-me label and a sheer version of said sweater. The label is Cybèle from New Zealand designer Cybèle Wiren (found via NJAL), and the sweater comes from Cybèle’s S/S 13/14 collection entitled ‘Levitas’ (Latin for ‘lightness’). A rather fitting title, given these other lovely light pieces:



Apparently Cybèle is one of Kiwiland’s biggest labels (who knew)? But, according to the comments on their Facebook, it seems like they still remain down to earth by re-cutting popular pieces that sell out quick and including surprises with online purchases, such as handwritten notes and scarves. No stranger danger here.

Now, to further annoy my neighbours by playing the 4th version of Ten at full volume…