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If you only had one guess as to where the label responsible for these A/W 13/14 looks was from, what would your guess be? Exactly: France. There’s no need to discuss the je ne sais quoi that the French have, nor the two pairs of shoes that I left in the hotel on who knows where off of Ave de l’Opera after an afternoon/evening of walking along what seemed to be the entire length of the Seine. Let’s just focus on the lovely simplicity of these pieces by Tinsels (found via NOTCOUTURE and Le Magazine) and the perfect look of a menswear-inspired wardrobe. Sigh.


P.S. I forgot to say yesterday: I’m now on Twitter (well, apparently I’ve been for years), and am tweeting when a new post goes up. I had fun with this post’s tweet. Let me know if you recognize it. @buffyleigh