MUUSE x Vogue Talents: Alexandru Tunsu


My next and final pick for the MUUSE x Vogue Talents competition is Romanian designer Alexandru Tunsu. The top photo and the photos below are the looks included in Alexandru’s entry.


However, I’m not sure if these are the only looks that would be produced if he won, because these five looks are only a part of an entire collection, which you can see below:




I don’t know about you, but my vote would be for the entire collection to be produced. It’s fantastic. And it’s basically already fall here anyway, so time to get out the woolens! Anyway, if you’d like to vote for Alexandru, click here. I have to admit that I’m no closer to picking one out of the seven designers who have entered. We have until the 26th to vote, so perhaps I’ll just procrastinate until then. Seems to be my modus operandi these days anyway. Who’d have thought I’d only have 10 pages written of my 100-page thesis with only three weeks of the summer to go? Sigh.