MUUSE x Vogue Talents: Alice Reynolds


It’s really a shame that the entries for the MUUSE x Vogue Talents competition only allow a certain number of photos and a brief description. Alice Reynolds‘ collection, for example, looks good and the brief mention of ‘fabric age & decay’ was enough to make me research her work further. However, if you aren’t sitting at home procrastinating on making a conference paper publishable material like me, you might not have that time to research further and find out the details behind the collection. That’s what I’m here for.




So, the expanded version of the inspiration behind Alice’s collection is as follows:

Through the research of historical workwear, the collection is inspired by the concept of decay, deterioration, and the ‘memory’ which cloth holds. When cloth or clothing is left behind by its owners, it is these details which leave clues as to the purpose and importance they had in an unknown someone’s life – the faded memory of the cloth, who wore it, and their history. This memory is translated through the highly textural fabrics and textile manipulation.

Interesting, no? Also, what the actual fabrics are may be of interest to you. That shiny white coat? Fibreglass. The shiny grey coat? Coated metallic linen. The shiny black coat? Linen. I think Alice has a thing for shiny coats. But she also does casual wear most excellently:


Vote for Alice.