MUUSE x Vogue Talents: Zoran Dobric


I know I’ve written about MUUSE before, but I’m not sure it functioned the same way back then as it does now. So, to bring us both up to speed, MUUSE is a (potentially) magical Copenhagen-based place where new (womenswear only) designers can get their collections produced and sold online. I’m not entirely sure how that works (e.g. if the designers can still be involved in the production if they want, if MUUSE owns the designs in any form from then on, how much of a cut MUUSE gets, etc.), particularly as MUUSE describes itself as ‘an international fashion label’ that collaborates with designers. However, it at least seems clear that MUUSE provides a platform for recent fashion grads and upcoming designers to get their name out there and have their designs produced in Europe, even if in only very small editions. The selection process of which designers MUUSE produced used to be rather different and much more low-key, if my memory serves me right, as it is now a big competition with Vogue Talents involved. Anyway, what we’re interested in here is that we the people can vote in the now-open competition for the 2013 MUUSE x Vogue Talents Young Vision Award, which more than 400 designers have entered. Our votes determine the (50) semi-finalists, and then the Vogue Talents fashion editor will choose the winning designer, who will have their capsule collection produced and sold by MUUSE and featured on Vogue Talents. But, more importantly for us, selfishly speaking, if you vote, you will be entered in a draw for a €500 gift card for MUUSE’s online shop.

So, if you’re interested in voting, go here before August 26th. I’m warning you, there are a lot of entries to go through. I haven’t even gone through all of them since that’s a lot of clicking. So, I thought I’d feature my favorites over a series of posts to help you and I both decide. To describe my rather brief selection process, I chose which ones I’d click on based on the front picture, and then I chose which ones I’d spend time clicking through their slideshow based on their description of the collection. Meaning, I’ve probably missed some great entries, so please do your own research if you have the time. Anyway, I will be posting my picks here on kOs in reverse alphabetical order since I’m worried the poor sods with first names further down the alphabet are immediately condemned to a lower amount of votes.

So without further ado, my first pick is Zoran Dobric, a Croatian-born and Canada-based grad from the London College of Fashion whose collection (entitled ‘Totem’) is inspired by the Northwest Coast Aboriginals in Canada. Being in Canada, I see a lot of aboriginal-themed stuff that seems more like non-authentic tourist traps. But I love how Zoran has translated this cultural reference into a textured design element, making the garments utterly wearable, non-touristy, and precious.


If you like, click here to vote for Zoran. And though these pieces weren’t in Zoran’s MUUSE entry (and therefore I don’t know if they’d be produced by MUUSE), here’s some more from the same collection: