This post is in honour of the fact that I’ll never have to translate Horace again. I had to translate 40 poems by this guy, all in the last month, and all of which I hated. He’s boring, full of himself, and ignores the efforts of my buddy Catullus. So long, Horace. Nunc est bibendum, and now is the time to get a post in!

This is the best thing I’ve seen this week. Though technically I saw this quite some time ago, as I bookmarked their NJAL page before the Curiosity Rover landed (…according to the order of my bookmarks). This piece is by the German minimalist label Walter & Friedrichs, which is Katharina Walter and Simone Friedrichs. Though at first glance it appears to be a cropped shirt with a long panel, it’s actually a dress. Looks really good when covered up with a Walter & Friedrichs cashmere coat too. Ah…it’s a good thing the W & F online shop doesn’t ship outside of Germany.