Lucia Cuba

8 20 15

The keyword search that has brought the most traffic to kOs this month is (I kid you not): ‘asian boy with long hair headbanging’. This is very perplexing to me. And I now feel like I should write a post about an Asian boy with long hair headbanding. Because that sounds like a beautiful thing. As it is, I had nothing bookmarked or sitting on my desktop related to such a topic, and for the last couple of days my head has been full of thoughts on Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, who I’ll be presenting on for my literary theory course in a couple of days. So, in an attempt to find something that brought these two topics together, I came across someone the enigma that is Lucia Cuba. Found via NJAL, I was expecting a normal fashion designer bio. Lucia, however, is not only a Lima-born fashion designer, but a ‘social scientist’. She has a BSc in Social Psych, an MSc in Educational Psych, and a PhD in Public Health. AND, on a Fulbright Scholarship no less, she graduated from Parsons with an MFA in 2010. I.e., Lucia is my new hero. The photos you see here are of her thesis/design and activism project, Articulo 6, which was shown at NYFW in September and addresses the forced sterilizations in Peru between 1996-2000. Heavy stuff.

Lucia is currently an Artist in Residence at the Textile Arts Center in New York, which makes me wonder if she ever came across Eve Sedgwick, who became very involved in material art (particularly weaving and solo exhibits) in her last years in NY. I’d also be interested to know if Lucia has ever come across Susi Quillinan. I think that, together, they’d be an unstoppable force.


Make sure you check out Lucia’s website. I think it’s going to be my newest obsession. As soon as I finish this darn Latin paper…