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in aisce ss13 1 in aisce ss13 2

When looking for a photo I had downloaded for an upcoming (re-)interview (!), I came across InAisce’s S/S 13 lookbook. I don’t even recall either receiving it or downloading it, probably as that would’ve been my first day back from the Montreal/NY excursion. Needless to say, it’s a good thing I went into that infinite abyss that is my downloads folder. Anyway, Jona is obviously still sticking to his established aesthetic, while at the same time introducing some new ideas as he expands the womenswear (and footwear) selection. I, for one, still think that blazers and jackets are his forte, even moreso* when they have fantastic titles such as ‘Occam’s Blazer’ (2nd above, left). My favorite (and newest want) is the Atman Blazer in grey (or ‘haze’), which what appears to be a zip-off section (or, if I know Jona, a hook-and-eye-off section). Sigh.

in aisce ss13 3

*No one has told me otherwise (see * here), so this word shall henceforth be a staple on kOs!