Howling for answers no wolf can know*


My day “job” is so boring, last week I yawned so big that for the rest of this week, I’m going to have to drink my meals from a straw.

This weekend we planted a herb garden on our balcony, and today a strawberry died.

I used to read a particular blog all the time, thinking it was the brilliant musings of an ironic and well-aging man. But last week I found out its written by a girl younger than me, and now it seems neither ironic nor something that will age well.


AFP’s Kickstarter passed $1 million today, and I watched it happen.

Cilantro grown on your balcony smells better than store-bought.

I’d rather read Don Quixote than a blog any day.

*Title from mewithoutYou’s “Fox’s Dream of the Log Flume”; dresses from Norwegian Wood, both of which will keep me cool and comfy whether counting down the seconds at work, or watching the trees whip by on the Vermonter.