Paulina Plizga

Yesterday, while doing a solo marathon run of laundry (as my man was doing a marathon run of dealing with car salesmen), I flipped through my mom’s latest issue of Elle Canada. I’m frequently pleasantly surprised at finding out about Canadian designers I had never heard of before (I’ll be returning to my new find in a later post), or seeing the occasional editorial containing Canadian fashion not often seen outside of Canadian magazines. In this issue, both instances occurred, but my interest in the particular editorial in question (which is not reproduced here) is a rather rare occurrence. It was all about white clothing. Specifically, how models/former models at ages ranging between 14 to 64 all look beautiful dressed in white. As you know, I’m not a fan of white, but the editorial primed me to appreciate a nothing new-to me label of Polish origin, Paulina Plizga (found via NJAL). Which is definitely a good thing, as Paulina’s label is a self-pronounced ‘trash couture factory’ (Outsapop would be all over this one), meaning the pieces are made by a mixture of ‘artistic recycling’ of scraps of haute couture fabrics, knitting/embroidering, and hand tailoring. ‘Factory’ suddenly doesn’t have negative connotations in this context. Results in pretty things of a non-white palette too.

(Photos by Magdalenia Łuniewska via NJAL)