Alexandra Groover, S/S 12

Alexandra Groover SS12 LIFE - 15
I’m sure some of you have already seen the latest video from kOs favorite Alexandra Groover showcasing her S/S 12 ‘LIFE’ collection, no thanks to my preoccupied self. But today Alexandra finally posted some still photos that are a bit more lookbook-ish. These two are my favorite pieces, being the Pinnate Cardigan (above) and the Arcuate Dress (below).

Alexandra Groover SS12 LIFE - 02

This photo, however, featuring the Alate Dress/Skirt, is what demanded my full attention. Reminds me of an Italian Renaissance portrait, though I couldn’t say which one exactly I’m thinking of. Or am I thinking of Angelica Houston in Ever After? Same difference, right?

Alexandra Groover SS12 LIFE - 37

An Alexandra Groover online shop is coming soon! You’ve been warned. By the way, can you believe it’s nearly been two whole years since I interviewed Alexandra? Time flies…