Emilia Tikka

Look at these photos:

Picture 6 Picture 7 Picture 8 Picture 5

Then look at them again whilst listening to this song from Nick 13‘s upcoming solo album:

((video no longer available))

Don’t they oddly seem like a perfect match? Much like poutine and loneliness…

Anyway, the photos are of the (under)graduate collection of Berlin-based and Finnish-born Emilia Tikka, about whom I know no more information aside from what is on her NJAL page. The collection itself is entitled ‘External body’, which is perhaps why it seems to belong alongside the funereal theme of “Carry My Body Down”. I figure that the wood panels and accessories could be seen as some form of stylized casket too. Though I’m not quite sure how Nick 13’s song fits with the deconstruction theory of Derrida, which is what Emilia’s collection is inspired by…

By the way, this post took three days to post. And I think that I’ve discovered the problem with the new NJAL set-up, namely that the photos are now .png files instead of .jpegs. So these photos are actually screen caps of the .png files that I managed to get to load (I still haven’t been able to view all of Emilia’s collection). Anyone else have this problem?