mydearthing, S/S 11

“The name of the ship was Dawn Treader. She was only a little bit of a thing…
But she was a beauty of her kind, a ‘lady’ as sailors say, her lines perfect,
her colours pure, and every spar and rope and pin lovingly made.”*

And so we have the long-awaited S/S 11 collection from mydearthing (a.k.a. my go-to label), entitled ‘Voyage’. Though each of Lauren‘s collections would be aptly named if she stuck with the previous collection’s appellation (i.e. ‘Missing Piece‘), this round’s lovely muted blues, greens, and greys perfectly mirror the landscape of a journey by sea, with the handful of prints rather well-suited for a captain’s quarters. Throw in a subtle nautical stripe, some pretty rope details, a tunic reminiscent of an unfurled sail, and a couple revamped favorite mydearthing pieces (i.e. my favorite Y Back Tank as a dress, my favorite long-sleeved dress as a short-sleeved dress, and the essential Husband Tank in a variety of gorgeous silks), and you’re set for a wonderful voyage indeed. (Baby bump optional.)

Isn’t she lovely? By the way, I have to make mention of an amazing fabric Lauren uses in two pieces of the Voyage collection. My favorite piece, that sheer grey loose tee (called the Steel Sighlens T – nice name, ain’t it?), and the Steel Spine Tunic (above top and bottom row) are both made from tissue knit jerseys that are actually fine grade steel yarn wrapped in cotton. While both colours are soft like any regular jersey, the steel component in the dark grey fabric in particular allows the fabric to retain crinkles if you like more of that just-got-out-of-bed look (the fabric of the Steel Spine Tunic is less structured). Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? This fabric is limited, so, after I order my own Sighlens T, make sure you grab yours.

*Lewis, C.S. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. New York: Macmillan Publishing Company, 1970.