Mandula, Gallery 7

Gallery 7?”, you say. “But shouldn’t we be at Gallery 11?” Yes, you are quite right. But I should have a new bookshelf that isn’t shattered into pieces too, so here we are. Normally I would post basically the enitre gallery when a new one shows up on the Mandula site, but this time Hajnalka went for more of an artistic approach to the photographs, which I find doesn’t showcase the pieces as well as I’d hope (see above). Also, the prices are more heart-wrenching than normal with my resolve to spend as little as possible on new clothes, not to mention wanting to get rid of the bulk of my wardrobe. So, instead this post is solely dedicated to my newest dream outfit, featuring the Mandula Sheer Metallic/Linen Jacket ($795), the Mandula Linen Subtle Harem Pant ($470), and (I think) the Mandula Cotton Tank Top ($87). Sigh.