Oh to have a 9-5 job, where I can ‘sleep in’ and still wake up ‘early’ enough to actually cook myself breakfast, make delicious freshly roasted and ground coffee that I don’t have to throw down the hatch, and search the Internets before anyone else is even making a peep. It’s good for the blogging too, though it seems from the last few posts that I’m right on schedule, posting at least every Wednesday and Saturday. Goodness gracious. Anywho, right after finishing my egg-on-toast-with-jam, I was immediately rewarded with an Etsy find by the name of Russell T Miller. Now, I had a shirt from this shop in my Favorites a while ago, but apparently I hadn’t favorited (?) the shop to keep up on any updates. So it’s a good thing I re-found the shop, as this designer’s stuff is quite awesome (and I will only refer to the designer as ‘this designer’ or ‘Tyler Durden’, seeing as his profile does not match the label’s name). I also heart the model, who looks pretty much exactly like one of my favorite actors ever (Cillian Murphy), minus the bright blue eyes. And the ‘Denim Jacket you can take on space dates‘…I’m almost convinced that it’s once again (i.e. post-early 90’s) cool to wear denim jackets (photo with details below). Though I did think my mind had been changed on the wearage (? – I’m really just making up words here this morning) of denim with that Attila Design Frock, which lays unworn in a garbage bag (perhaps a future kOs shop listing?). Sigh.