YOHJ JUN VIV: The Sequel

Five months ago, I wrote a post on my three favorite designers showing at Paris’ fashion week. This time around, those are the only three I’m even looking at, seeing as sitting boxed into a corner by numerous leaning towers of, well, boxes, does not really encourage me to kick back and relax for an evening with the Internets. The crazy thing is that I’d really prefer actually moving, even though that would entail even more hours of hard physical labour. Anyway, Yohji Yamamoto’s F/W 11 collection didn’t strike me as a kindred spirit like last season, which is perhaps largely due to all that mesh and fishnets. However, these hoops skirts made me quietly squeal with delight. Especially the olive green one. Is it odd, however, that my first thought was ‘Ooo, bedbugs would have nowhere to hide under those!’? Yeah.

Junya Watanabe’s collection had some really gorgeous shapes created with boned waists and flared hips, as well as some great motorcycle jackets. However, Junya used leather like it’s going out of style, so those pieces are not pictured here. Upon a second glance (as I needed something to constitute the ‘JUN’ part), I noticed this sweater was rather interesting. I’m a fan of the twisted closure since adopting my man’s complexgeometries stifler/strangler hoodie, though I’ve never seen it done as a giant looping sleeve. Definitely sounds like a strangler to me.

Which leaves me with my good friend Vivienne Westwood. I could post more photos of her latest collection here, but I’ve decided to showcase only two pieces so I can get some sleep. First up is this coat. I would want it in another fabric, but, having recently become attached to double breasted coats, I’m quite intrigued by the family tree breasted coat. Or that’s what I’m calling this anyway.

And I love this dress. The one on the left. Especially when you see the back of it (beside the tulle robe/curtain on the right). I’d love to wear it to a laundromat with a good book.

Now, off to move every stick of furniture I own at least 25 centimetres away from the walls.

(Photos via Style.com)