SestreS, SestreS, there were never such devoted…

I feel pretty confident that you will not find anything better looking than this 2007 collection by SestreS to occupy your Friday night with (sort of found at Dirty Flaws, my new favorite blog which I found through Anna-Marie‘s blog). Granted, 127 Hours, starring the one and only James Franco, is finally opening at my local theatre in about 21 minutes. I, however, have to work at 6AM and have a man with a major presentation on Tuesday, and so it’ll be at least a day or two before I get to see it/James Franco. And so I will gladly content myself with these images, being the work of Serbian designers and sisters, Ivana and Jelena Stevančević. It doesn’t seem like their work is available online, and may only be available at a small boutique in Belgrade. Even so, I wholeheartedly feel me and that dress at the top would be the best friends. And this crop top below is fantastic. Sigh.

Picture 12a