Eleanor Amoroso

Last week I saw a couple of new pieces in NJAL’s The Shop that looked interesting from afar. However, I didn’t want to take a closer look since they looked like they were made from hair, a material which may be a trend on the runway, but which just makes me feel icky. Good thing the designer of these pieces is being featured on the front page of NJAL. For these pieces, along with the rest of this fashion student’s graduate collection, are made not of hair but of fringing, cord, and metal, thus warranting a much closer look than I previously though. The designer’s name is Eleanor Amoroso, and the painstaking technique of macrame is how she handmade every single piece of her collection, including the accessories. I’m going to be staring at these statement pieces for a few hours. It’s a comforting thought to know that craftsmanship isn’t yet a lost art, isn’t it? Sigh.