How weird is this: Once upon a time, in a online-land far far away, I used to enter ‘DiY’ as a search term on eBay under the ‘Clothing, Shoes & Accessories > Women’s Clothing’ category nearly every day. Over time, I built up a nice little favorite sellers list largely consisting of girls in their late teens or 20s who handmade a couple of cute shirts a week at home. One seller who particularly stood out in her creativity and quality was under the moniker ‘*minkie*’, whose gorgeous designs and even more gorgeous looks made me wish I had more money (and was more into ponies). *minkie* dropped off the face of the eBay world even before I did, however, so I had to learn to give up hope of owning something from this lovely seller.

Then this morning (err…afternoon), while perusing other people’s favorites lists, I came upon Etsy seller Minxshop (whom I might’ve been previously introduced to subconsciously, as I recognize those cage leggings you can see in the photos). While most of the clothing is vintage-inspired pieces that don’t fall into my regular style choices, some of the newer designs are right up my alley, including the gorgeous asymmetrical hoodie above (in black and in grey), and the incredibly cute vintage/military epaulet top below (in grey and in olive). As soon as I saw these listings, my daily post was decided. However, I then wanted some more info on the designer, and so I clicked on her profile. Something clicked when I read that her real name is Anna-Marie, with the nicknames of Minkie or Minx. Instantly I was transported back to my eBay buying days, and with a couple of clicks, it was confirmed that these two sellers are one and the same person. The world makes sense again. And so, dearest Anna-Marie/Minkie/Minx, it is wonderful to see you again. You look even lovelier than in your eBay days. Also, I need that hoodie (in black, size medium).

You can read Anna-Marie’s blog here or join her Facebook page here. I recommend it, if only to drool over her designs some more.