Where do we go from here?


After receiving my second beekeeper-administered acupuncture treatment, I feel the urgent need to return to school more…urgently than ever. I need to find out the who/what/how/why of the Sulpician poems now. If I don’t figure out just how they’re held together, I fear I will slowly deteriorate into a girl who is defined solely by the fact that she refuses to drink coffee out of anything but her giant I ♥ NY mug. As the graduate degree I’m planning on going for will have little to no practical use in the real world, it’s probably a good thing that I’ve somehow lost the desire to buy things anymore. Though I did want to buy the newest issue of Interview with Ryan Gosling on the front. I’m only human.

(Photos of NY-based designer Julian Louie‘s F/W 09 collection, the displayed construction of which is both beautiful and comforting to me (zoom in on photos, please). Found via Surface.)