Illusion Project 2010

While I was away, the delightful Dori Tomcsanyi sent me this video which features her S/S 10 collection, along with some looks from Agi Szabo. I quite love this wee film, as I love to see how pieces from one collection can work together, and how they can be styled on both sexes. Also, I aspire to dress this quickly every day. For this collection, Dori was inspired by optical illusions and used solely organic materials. My particular favorites are all the unisex high-waisted/paper-bag pants, and the jackets with the removable wooden collar (charmingly called the Woodini, at 0:23, or an asymmetrical version called the Fletwood at 0:38). Though I’ve been biased by my new heroes/favorite people towards moving to Switzerland, Hungary is definitely in the running for Where I Need to Live, as that is where I can get my hands on Dori’s designs (at the k e p p showroom). Hmm…
((click here to view video))