Urban Zen, Summer 2010

One thing I’m really looking forward to during my NYC trip is going to Donna Karan’s Urban Zen store. It just sounds like the most relaxing retail space on this side of the planet. And with the last month or two being an exercise in being as chill as possible, I think we’d be a perfect fit. It seems like they’ve given up on having an online Urban Zen store, as previously mentioned, but they do have photos of the current collection up now. I’m not sure if Bessie Afnaim is still working with Miss Karan, but the aesthetic of these pieces still has a hint of the nomadic, with more than a sufficient amount of soothing draping to please my eyes. I’m sure my dream tonight will be that I can afford that jacket/cardigan…

And the home collection! Do you think I can fit a bed on the plane? I’d even settle for just the lounging chaise.