The Wicker Man

I’ve been having problems with coming up with posts for a variety of reasons as of late, and have decided to share them with you (and fill up a post in the meantime). First of all, I’ve been trying to curb my spending. Though that shouldn’t mean I don’t post, and I don’t believe I have intentionally not done so to save money, somehow the two things have happened simultaneously. At any rate, I can proudly say that I’ve gone 5 weeks without buying anything!

…Well, I haven’t bought anything online for 5 weeks. Which brings me to my second reason of blogger’s block. My beloved go-to Buffalo jeans that had lasted me much longer than a pair of jeans is expected to have passed away. This inevitably threw a wrench into my normal style, as I had to reconfigure over half of my normal outfits. And when I can’t dress how I’d like, I feel quite uninspired in general. The last time they were worn was at Iron Maiden, which I think is a good send off for any loyal pair of skinny black jeans. Sigh. But yes, about spending. I did purchase a replacement pair of jeans, this time from the Mavi label (which has been kind to me in the past). They’d be absolutely perfect if they were higher waisted, and so they may in fact lead to me a new online purchase (to make sure I feel adequately covered): this gorgeous mesh-lined Interstellar Bodysuit from Black Market Baby‘s new ‘Solar Eye’ collection. I kind of need something to wear under those sheer American Apparel loose tanks I may or may not have bought as well… And cue random Iron Maiden photo from our local paper’s review

Thirdly, for both mental and physical reasons, I’ve been thinking about a career change, and that has rather distracted me from life in general. Connected to this is the fact that a lovely distant friend is going through a similar thing, and I’ve been trying in vain to come up with a sufficient argument for her to stay doing what she’s doing, but for me to stop doing what I’m doing. Oh, Life, why do you have to be so difficult (and yet not quite difficult enough to feel justified for complaining about you)?

The fourth reason is that Summer has actually found my city on time, and I wasn’t quite prepared. The heat makes me rather lethargic. It also doesn’t help that my shift work clashes quite loudly with the weather. And that my layering system fails me in such times. Though I have made a new friend: short dresses. I don’t even know myself anymore…

Oh, and fifthly (that word doesn’t sound clean enough for this blog): I just saw that on other computers, my blog looks horrible. I spend most of my blogging time getting everything properly formatted, and now I see that all my efforts are all for naught. At least if you’re not on a 13″ MacBook Pro using Safari. So just remember, everything you see on here actually looks better in real life. For instance, if you see two pictures in a row, followed by only one picture, all three are meant to be sharing one row, as seen in this screen shot below. A thousand apologies, and a thousand sighs.

Now, I’m off to see if my colleagues have good taste in coffee, as they claim they do. And if such is the case, I might come back in a couple of hours truly inspired…