Not to re-blog Fashion156 or anything, but why haven’t I heard of Jena.Theo before? This label from UK designer Jenny Holmes and Greek designer Dimitris Theocharidis is all about “[v]olume, folding and repetition, using daring amounts of fabric and playing with new silhouettes and negative space, beautiful forms are created on the body often with multi-functional qualities.” Umm…once again, why haven’t I heard of Jena.Theo before? Above are photos from the A/W 10/11 collection (the fabrics are apparently heavier than they look to be).

I would appreciate it if someone could send me this dress for a mountain wedding I will be attending in three weeks (thanks in advance). And below are photos from the S/S 10 collection. I’m quite delighted that the back of almost each look was captured in the photo of the following piece. There’s so much gorgeous detail and volume volume volume.

My, I feel so relaxed after looking at these, that I think I might just take a nap now. Dearest Blogosphere, please let me know if you know where one can purchase a Jena.Theo piece. I’m convinced I could claim it as a therapy treatment through my health insurance benefits. Just as I’m thinking of doing with my Iron Maiden ticket expense…