Tank you very much

Her Highness’ post today about ‘vests’ is very near and dear to my heart, as I have worn at least one tank top every single day for at least the last decade. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect tank, and tend to buy at least two in the wonderful event of finding said tank. And today’s travels have found not one, but two perfect tanks. First up is the mydearthing Carly Top. The Dress version is the first item worn (once, twice, or thrice) after laundry day, and so I was rather excited to get the S/S 10 tank version. And it is perfect. Can’t wear it with those awful $30 jeans which make my bottom look unexplainably horrible, but it’ll make every other pair of pants I own look like a million bucks. Now which colour do I get next…

Second up (and keeping with the neutral palette) is this fantastic tunic length tank from Hungarian designer Sandra Sandor’s label Nanushka, found at the Pixie Market. The bottom is one of my favorite material/colour combos, grey jersey, and the top is sheer! With dropped armholes and a low back, this piece is ready to go for easy summer layering. The Nanushka site also has a tee version, and this gorgeous maxi dress that I most definitely need. So, two of each?