Lead Me On

Well, the Hero of the Day award goes hands down to my favorite non-New Yorker New Yorker. With her help, I’ll get through this dental business, dose by dose of liquid-ish Advil. (Little piece of kOs trivia: I can’t swallow pills.) However, as there’s a limit to how much of this glorious goo that I can drink in a day, most of the day I have my jaw unconsciously/very consciously jutted out. Although it’s not entirely bad, as I always wanted to be just like Amy Grant. I can very clearly remember being so happy to have bought my very own cassette copy of Lead Me On from a store in Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham, WA, and perusing the accordion-like liner notes while riding in the back of the car with my favorite Auntie (who, coincidentally, seems to be cut from the very same cloth of my favorite non-NYer NYer). Hard to believe that was about 20 years ago. And I’m still coveting Amy’s Lead Me On era hair.

P.S. I had the video for “Lead Me On” posted instead of the miniscule photo above, but the content was removed due to copyright. You can go to here to see a pretty good quality version of it…until that one is removed, anyway.