Sky Lucy Young

I always find that the world makes sense again when a previously unknown reason for me instantly liking an entire collection is completely explained. I had bookmarked a NJAL page named ‘GNOUYYCULYKS‘ quite a while ago, as I was intrigued by the organic shapes and textures of the sole collection posted on it, as well as the fact that the pieces make up a Copenhagen fashion graduate’s collection, featuring fabrics woven by the student’s mother. However, as all the photos had watermarks on them, I decided to leave posting them to another day.


Good thing for those watermarks though, as they provided me with the most important piece of the puzzle: the designer’s name. Armed with this, Google, and Facebook, here is what I discovered. Sky Lucy Young is a 21-year-old half-Danish, half-British graduate of the Fashion Design Academy in Copenhagen. As mentioned above, her graduate collection involved a collaboration with Marianne Just, Sky’s mother, who wove three of the materials (designed by Sky) used in the seven pieces. These custom materials consist of two fabrics based on the typical Swedish rag rug, thus having an unexpected texture and colour, as well as a material with a silk base that has thick linen yarn hanging, which is inspired by the ancient New Zealand tribes’ use of palm tree leaves as a waterproof layer over their clothing. Make sure you click on each of the photos and zoom in to see the incredible detailing of the fabric and these pieces. And see if you can pick out what made everything make sense in Sky’s description of her designated S/S 10 collection, entitled ‘Off the Wall’ (hint, I’ve highlighted the key words in bold):

The OFF THE WALL collection is dedicated to having fun in Spring 2010. The inspiration is based on different aspects of the creative world. This includes artists such as Tal R and Isabel Berglund as well as the artists behind Yes We Can Can. The inspiration for the collection also includes the innovative ideas behind a new approach to graphic design made visually through handmade craftsmanship, physical experiences, visual environments and staged spatial installations such as interiors, architecture and art installations as well as urban interventions. With innovation also being a theme for this collection, the avant-garde singer-songwriter Björk is an essential. She is an artist within the world of music and performance, but her image also plays an essential role. Her eccentric costumes, performances and images emphasise an inspiring icon. These inspirational artists and objects all have something in common: they are highly professional, creative, but express more joy in their art than seriousness – the key to this collection.

As the key words to this collection are fun and innovative, so are the women that this collection is dedicated to. It is all about having fun in life and getting the most of it. The collection, inspired by different aspects of the creative world as well as having Björk as a muse, is something out of the ordinary, more like a piece of art, even though the styles can be used casually as well as for going out. The clothes suit a big city lifestyle where socializing, art exhibitions and fashion are part of everyday life. It craves individuals who do not fear to stand out from the rest. The shape used in the collection is originally based on the cover of Björk‘s Voltaic cd that together with an oversize effect creates an exciting outcome. This collection is simply dedicated to those who wish to be OFF THE WALL.

Yes, I’m quite predictable. Just throw in Björk’s name, and I’m an instant fan. Then throw in utterly amazing designs and a friendly designer, and I’m a fan for life. Sky currently lives in London, where she is an intern at Preen by Thorton and Bregazzi. Armed with such experience and the obvious natural talent, I’m expecting quite wonderful things from this young lady!


(Photos by Lea Nielsen)