Txell Miras


(Warning, this is a picture heavy post…) Okay, so this post was originally on the wearability/functionality of Barcelonian Txell Miras‘ A/W 09/10 ‘Framing’ collection (above), as I do strive to mainly post clothing that I would actually wear. I had typed something about the usefulness of the more conceptual pieces at an event held in an architecturally interesting/awkward place with some pointy-shaped standing space. Or at a Tetris-themed party. And then I was comparing it to Txell’s toned down S/S 10 collection, which has frames only in print (see below).

TM ss10 1But then I got completely blindsided by her previous collections. Going backwards, I gasped out loud at Txell’s S/S 08 collection (below).

7 6 4 5And then at her A/W 07/08 collection (below).

12 13 11 8 10 14And then at her A/W 06/07 collection (below).18 17 16And then at her S/S 05 collection (below)…

22 20 21 19In short, this woman has about ten years experience in fashion design, so there was a lot of gasping going on in the last hour here. I’m simply amazed both at the fact that I haven’t heard of her before, and at the fact her collection from 2005 seems so current and exactly what I would wear right now. Truly, a wardrobe spanning all of Txell Miras’ collections would contain every fashion desire I could have: layering, frills, volume, structure, military-inspired designs, texture, avant garde-ness, blacks, browns, greys, whites, olives, skirts, dresses, pants, leggings, jackets… My brain is honestly quite overloaded at the moment.

Oh, and I also love this family tree as a jacket, from Txell’s 2001/2002 pre-collection works. Reminds me of Bonzie‘s signature vintage look.

Txell Miras jacketP.S. Thanks to all of my new and not-so-new followers! It made me smile to see so many friendly faces in my sidebar today.