Rad by Rad Hourani

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It seems that no one thought to tell Rad Hourani that my spending budget for the year has already been promised elsewhere. Because today I came home and found an email proudly announcing the opening of the Rad by Rad Hourani e-shop. And as I am a self-proclaimed addict of both scarves and of convertible pieces, this email hurts me. Think complexgeometries in knit, with a little bit of sparkle. Sigh. All the photos above are different ways to wear my favorite piece of the collection, the unisex veste/skirt/scarf. Below are of the unisex top/dress/scarf, and the bottom ones are of a unisex striped scarf (the cheapest piece listed, at $100). All items are exclusive to the online store and, according to the store’s policy page, will never be put on sale. So this is it folks. I do take donations, especially in knit form.

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