This, my friends, is what may very well be called a historic post for this blog. For the pieces you shall see contained within this post have not even the tiniest hint of black. Sure, I’ve posted some colourful pieces and whatnot in the past. But never has such a gathering of white – yes, white – appeared at this little corner of the Internet. And yet, I don’t believe I need to explain myself or make excuses for those of you that are on the noir side of fashion. Just look at these pieces, and you’ll understand.

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These are from the S/S 10 collection of German Ella Haberlach’s label, seelenkleid. The concept behind this collection, entitled ‘blue code’, is the following:

Masculine and feminine counterparts intertwine to form an

unspoken dialogue.

Shades of porcelain reflect the lovers merged existence, their shards,

indicative of the fragility of togetherness.

Now, if that wasn’t a case for white to appear with a vengeance on this blog, I’m not sure what is.

Thanks to Fashion156 for introducing me to this wondrous label (again, for the second time, as Jennine of The Coveted posted about this collection and interviewed Ella back in July)! I indeed could see myself wearing a great number of these pieces, especially those delicate leggings, open-sided top, and the front cape piece. Sigh.

P.S. If you must see some black, check out Ella’s earlier collections here. And, you can buy yourself a black or white seelenkleid piece from NJAL’s The Shop.