Oh, bother

  CdG coatCdG coat inside

Here’s that Comme des Garçons coat again (sans plaid), now available on eBay! Does it truly cost $1295 retail? I think I can replicate this look quite well for free by pairing my ArtLab Oversized Revolutionary coat with my Maria Severyna wrap underneath. Sure I won’t get those lovely shoulder vents, but it’s too cold for that anyway. And it seems I’ve already promised the year’s spending budget to my two favorite designers…

ArtLab Oversized Revolutionary Jacket

Edit: I tried out the ArtLab jacket over top of the Maria Severyna wrap, and I actually think it looks better (eek!) than the CdG jacket! Ooo, and the January issue of Vogue touts the utility jacket as this season’s must have item. Aren’t I trendy? Remind me to take a picture of me wearing this at some point if I don’t do it during my next photo shoot.