Portland Fashion Week

Oh how I wish I lived somewhere else. I’m of course unable to go to any relevant fashion weeks, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t try to follow a few of them online. And I was happy to find out that the fashion week in one of my favorite cities, Portland, Oregon, is possibly the fashion week most up my alley. In fact, PFW is “the world’s only comprehensively eco sustainable production of a fashion week, featuring both independent and eco-couture, urban-casual, street & activewear from all over North America and internationally.” This is done though emphasizing eco-responsible fashion, constructing an eco-friendly runway, using eco-safe styling products for the models, using sustainable-certified hotels for the week’s guests, and making the fashion week affordable for independent designers to participate through corporate sponsorship. So if you’re not doing anything October 7th-11th, you should probably try to make it down to Portland. And of course check out NW 23rd Avenue for some of the best brick-and-mortar shopping I have ever experienced. I for one am definitely stuck here up north. If you are stuck far away from Portland as well, have no fear, as I will however be posting an interview with one of Portland’s finest designers, Liza Rietz, sometime this week. And perhaps I’ll finagle myself a move down to Portland to coincide with my eventual emergence as an up-and-coming independent designer. Sigh.